apoBank starts AM from €50,000

Ridhima Sharma
apoBank starts AM from €50,000

The Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank now offers asset management from €50,000 onwards. The offer titled ApoVV Smart is intended to complement the classic business of €250,000.

“Professional asset management is not a question of the investment volume. Our goal is to provide the best possible advice to the health care provider in every investment application,” explains Inga Krzeczkowska, head of the Analytics & Engineering department at apoBank.

Customers pay an annual fee of 1.6%. They can always track down to the smallest detail what happens in their Depot, which asset classes are over- or underweighted, and which products are purchased and sold. ApoBank attaches particular importance to the consideration of the respective risk sensitivity.

“We have found that only 25% of health professionals who have switched to apoBank with their portfolio are within the risk profile provided by them”, says Krzeczkowska. In the case of apoVV SMART, the weighting of the asset classes therefore takes place individually depending on the risk profile determined.

Apobank recently published its half-year figures: Operating income was above expectations, while assets under management were as much as the number of funds held and the volume of custody.

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