Tages Capital launches alternative risk premia fund

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London-headquartered boutique Tages Capital has launched the Tages Alternative Risk Premia fund.

The Icav fund domiciled in Dublin has been launched with an initial capital of over $100m raised from European institutional investors.

The fund’s strategy, investing in the alternative risk premia segment, aims at delivering uncorrelated returns to traditional asset classes.

The Tages Alternative Risk Premia fund relies on quantitative and qualitative factors to evaluate and select a subset of investable alternative risk premia, with a diversification by strategy, asset class and region.

Berouz Fatemi, portfolio manager and head of Quantitative Strategies at Tages Capital, said :  “The analysis of alternative risk premia, and the specific risk factors contributing to the hedge funds’ returns, have always been at the core of Tages’ manager selection and portfolio construction.

“It is therefore a natural step for Tages to establish a product designed to enable institutional investors to systematically capture these specific returns whilst minimising traditional market risk premia.”

Jamie Kermisch, CEO of Tages Capital, commented: “Alternative risk premia strategies are increasingly high on the agenda for institutional investors and Tages is well positioned to deliver access to competitive and market leading alternative risk premia products that may be customised to meet clients’ objectives.”

Tages Capital has $2.3bn (€2bn) of assets under management. It is part of Tages group which oversees $7.6bn (€6.7bn) of assets.