Didner & Gerge fund attains Nordic Swan ecolabel

Jonathan Boyd
Didner & Gerge fund attains Nordic Swan ecolabel

Swedish boutique Didner & Gerge has been awarded a Nordic Swan ecolabel for its Didner & Gerge Global equity fund, and will receive its certificate from Per Bolund, Sweden’s minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, deputy minister for Finance following an election debate scheduled for tomorrow in Stockholm.

Bolund, who is from the centre-right Moderate Party will there debate the responsibilities of the financial markets in ensuring sustainable development, against  Martin Åhdal, who is chief economist and deputy party secretary of the Centre Party.

Currently there are 14 Nordic Swan ecolabelled funds in the market, meaning that some SEK41bn (€4.1bn) of assets are being managed according to the requirements of the labeling regime. The Didner & Gerge Global fund has some SEK7bn (€702m) of assets in its portfolio, and is available to investors also via the fund supermarket operated by the Swedish Pensions Agency. The fund invests globally in companies with a long-term holding commitment that seeks out sustainable business models.

Helena Hillström, chief executive at Didner&Gerge, said: “We are very proud that the Global fund is now Nordic Swan ecolabelled. We always work on a hard filtering of the companies we choose to invest in and we see clear return opportunities in including sustainability in the company analysis. For us good sustainability is an obvious part of good corporate culture.”

Ragnar Unge, CEO Ecolabelling Sweden, said: “Through the Nordic Swan ecolabel the investor is guided on which funds pass tough sustainability requirements and have the potential to influence business in a more sustainable direction. It is very pleasing that we already have with us such as vigorous player as Didner & Gerge on the journey towards a greener financial market.”

Bolund added: “For all investors it must be easy to do the right thing; sustainable funds are good both for our planet and put money in our wallets.”

Also set to receive a certificate from Bolund is Stephanie Gabrielsson, portfolio manager at Skandia Investment Management, for the manager’s third Nordic Swan ecolabelled fund Skandia Hållbar.

The label regime demands that unsustainable companies are filtered out, that sustainable companies are selected into portfolios, and that there is transparency and dialogue with fund investors about the portfolio holdings.

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