Vontobel gathers SRI and thematic capabilities in new CHF10bn arm

Vontobel gathers SRI and thematic capabilities in new CHF10bn arm

Zurich-headquartered Vontobel Asset Management has gathered the expertises of its thematic and sustainable boutiques into a single new entity with CHF10bn (€8.68bn) in assets under management.

Hans Speich will oversee the investments of the newly formed boutique, having been appointed head of Investments, Sustainable and Thematic Boutique. The establishment of that new branch aims to fulfill client requests and to significantly grow the asset base over the coming years.

“With excellent performance and our state-of-the-art infrastructure, this new setup allows for even better results through improved idea sharing amongst our sustainable investment specialists. Importantly for our clients, the investment processes will remain unchanged.” said Speich, who was hitherto in charge of managing funds and portfolios for institutional clients at Vontobel AM.

Discussing the merger, Andreas Knörzer, head of Business, Sustainable and Thematic Boutique, said: “Investors have increasingly specialized requirements when it comes to sustainability. It is our belief that there is no single right approach to ESG, hence we offer different concepts from exclusion of companies that breach sustainable values, to the full integration of ESG factors. This is a unique proposition in this demanding growth sector.”

As at 30 June 2017, Vontobel Asset Management had CHF107bn (€92.9bn) of assets under management.