PwC launches Buzz4Funds education platform

Jonathan Boyd
PwC launches Buzz4Funds education platform

PwC, the professional services provider, has launched a new platform to educate Europeans about capital markets and the ways they should think about savings and investments.

Buzz4Funds seeks to educate in an environment when both financial products and their regulation are becoming increasingly complex. A key target audience of the content visible on the platform are the so-called millennials – the younger investors who have only recently joined the labour market and thus had to make choices about how to save for the future.

Steven Libby, partner and Asset & Wealth Management leader at PwC Luxembourg, said:  “Investor education is complementary to the traditional tools of investment product information, financial reports and other required communications.”

Nathalie Dogniez, partner at PwC Luxembourg, added that the platform’s education videos aimed to outline the differences between saving and investing, while offering linkes to further educational material.

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