Mutuactivos launches EM debt FoF

Eugenia Jiménez
Mutuactivos launches EM debt FoF

Spanish asset manager Mutuactivos has launched the Mutuafondo Renta Fija Emergente fund, registered at the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) on 14 July 2017.

The fund will seek to outperform its composite benchmark: J.P. Morgan EMBI Global Diversified Composite (50%), J.P. Morgan Corporate EMBI Broad Diversified Composite (25%) and J.P. Morgan GBI-EM Global Diversified Composite Unhedged USD (25%).

It will invest more than 50% of its net assets in fixed income securities issued by public or private issuers from emerging and frontier markets all over the world.

The part of the portfolio that is not exposed to fixed income will be invested in OECD-based entities as well as in money market instruments, as long as they are liquid and issued by OECD-based issuers.

According to fund literature, the fund does not have constraints regarding sectors, geographical areas, duration or credit ratings.