EFPA Spain gathers 25,000 certified members in 2017

Eugenia Jiménez
EFPA Spain gathers 25,000 certified members in 2017

The Spanish delegation of the European Financial Planning and Advisory Association (EFPA) has closed the year with more than 25,000 certified members, which represents a 85% increase year-on-year.

The Spanish association held 25 exam sessions for the different certificates over 2017, and more than 11,500 exams were carried out.

EFPA Spain developed 486 hours of recertification, as professionals must perform and justify a minimum number of training hours linked to the subjects of each certificate in order to comply with Mifid II.

In 2018, with the entry into force of the new regulation, the number of hours scheduled for the European Investment Assistant (EIA) certification will be 20 per year, for the European Investment Practitioner (EIP) will be 30 hours and, for the European Financial Planner (EFP), 40 hours per year.

The four certifications imparted by EFPA Spain – EIA, EIP, EFP and EFA – were included in the list published by the National Commission of the Securities Market (CNMV), which included those training certificates accrediting the ability to advise and inform others on financial products or just to carry out information’s tasks according to the content they impart.

Currently, there are 21 universities and educational organisations specialised in finances and accredited by EFPA, therefore with the official recognition to prepare candidates for the exams.

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