Fatca no barrier as Swiss website targets US investors


US investors who may be finding access to wealth management more difficult in light of issues such as Fatca are being targeted by a new Swiss website focused exclusively on this client segment.

Where Americans are Welcome lists Switzerland based SEC registered investment advisers, as well as providing information and links on lawyers, tax advisers, trusts, and insurance based solutions.

The website also features links to further information on issues such as Fatca as they affect US investors living outside the US.

The site operator points to Switzerland’s position as a key international wealth management hub as a reason for launching the site, pointing to Swiss Bankers Association figures suggesting that the country will retain a 25% global market share for wealth management in 2017.

“While many Swiss banks have closed the accounts of their US clients as a result of possible legal entanglements and increased regulation costs, an increasing number of forward-thinking, pro-American Swiss wealth managers have registered with the Security and Exchange Commission in the United States in order to serve American clients while playing by the rules,” WAAW states.

“The most entrepreneurial-spirited SEC-registered Swiss wealth managers provide easy access to their services on WAAW. Interested investors and business partners can easily find and research Swiss wealth managers dedicated to US clients, from the large bank-related institutions to smaller boutique-style companies.”