Tages and Atreaus Capital launch macro Ucits alt fund

Tages and Atreaus Capital launch macro Ucits alt fund

UK alternative boutique Tages Capital has partnered with New York-based macro hedge fund Atreaus Capital to launch the Tages Atreaus Macro Ucits Fund.

It forms the fifth Ucits alternative fund launched by Tages in the last 12 months. The strategy will provide access to Atreaus’ macro portfolio management. It has been seeded with some €25m of assets from institutional investors.

Founded in 2012, Atreaus has $1.35bn (€1.17bn) in assets under management. It applies a discretionary global macro approach which invests primarily in liquid currency and commodities markets.

Todd Edgar, CIO and founder of Atreaus Capital, said: “We are pleased to partner with Tages, one of the most active and influential investors in the fast growing Ucits alternatives segment. Atreaus is an active macro investor, focused on highly liquid global markets with an emphasis on capital preservation and risk management. Through our process driven approach to trade selection and capital allocation, we aim to produce returns with strong upside potential and low correlation to equities and credit.”

Jamie Kermisch, CEO of Tages Capital, commented: “As an existing investor in the Atreaus macro strategy, Tages has been impressed by the team’s investment process and ability to generate attractive, non-correlated risk adjusted returns, particularly during periods of macro uncertainty and volatility. We are excited to be building on our partnership and believe this new Ucits macro fund further demonstrates Tages’ commitment to offering investors access to experienced, high quality differentiated managers and strategies.”