Pair of French boutiques to merge

Pair of French boutiques to merge

Paris based boutiques Sully Asset Management and Craigston Finance, launched respectively in 2008 and 2002 have joined French group Invest, that owns Invest Securities and Amplegest.

Both boutiques are to merge over the coming months in order to form Sully Patrimoine Gestion, the new private wealth management centre of Invest.

Also Craigston Finance currently manages one European equities fund, Craigston Euro Equities, and two diversified funds, Avenir Patrimoine and Avenir International.

Sully Asset Management runs Sully Selection focusing on large-cap stocks based in the eurozone.

Jean-Philippe Broches, chairman of Craigston Finance, will chair the new entity while Stéphane Waldisberg, joining from Olympia, has been named CEO.

Sully Asset Management’s chairman Bernard Pochat will be heading the private wealth management division.

Sully Patrimoine Gestion will manage €200m in assets and targets AUM of €500m over mid-term.

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