FTSE crash: The winners and losers

FTSE crash: The winners and losers

As the UK stock market index FTSE100 continued its downwards slide following the results of the Brexit referendum, the sectors hardest hit were property developers, airlines and financials, while mining companies benefited from the search for safe haven assets.

Shawbrook Group, a bank specialised in providing mortgages reported the biggest losses its shares fell by -23.30 %, followed by Foxtons (-22.22%), Virgin Money (-21.47%) and Easy Jet (-18.36%). Shares in Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland were temporarily suspended from trading after falling by 10.3% and 15% respectively.

Shares in mining company Acacia turned out to reap the main benefits of the ensuing chaos, rising by (+9.90%) as markets opened, followed by Investment Trust Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon, which invests in Japanese small caps (+9.09%).

Despite the relatively dramatic movements on the FTSE100, at 6,139.11, the overall index still exceeded the thrpugh reached in mid-June at 5,923.53

Figures according to London Stock Exchange 11:20am UK time.