Unigestion to subadvise Danish low carbon equity fund

Unigestion to subadvise Danish low carbon equity fund

Geneva-headquartered manager Unigestion has been selected as subadvisor of the K Invest Low Carbon Global Equity fund, launched on 28 August 2016 and co-developing the low carbon approach with Danish financial consultant Kirstein A/S.

The fund seeks to achieve above average returns through Unigestion’s 3600 risk managed approach, while producing a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Unigestion has signed the UN principles for responsible investment and the Montréal Carbon Pledge.

Alexei Jourovski, head of Equities at Unigestion said: “The K Invest Low Carbon Global Equity fund has been created with two objectives: to construct a risk-managed global portfolio that at the same time reduces CO2 emissions, without having to compromise risks and returns.

“The fund targets a 75% reduction of carbon emissions compared to that of the MSCI World. We believe this fund proves it is possible to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a portfolio without foregoing risk-adjusted returns.”

Bertel Roslev Rasmussen, head of Investments at Kirstein, added: “We chose Unigestion as our subadvisor to launch the “Low Carbon Global Equity” fund because we were impressed by their approach to, and experience in, co-creating risk managed investment solutions.

“We are proud to be the first company in Denmark to launch a fund with global assets, which, besides delivering better returns or those equivalent to benchmark, is also ethically responsible.”

The K Invest Low Carbon Global Equity fund had £50.63m (€60.66m) of assets under management as of 30 November 2016.