French boutique unveils thematic equity fund

French boutique unveils thematic equity fund

Paris-based boutique Mansartis has soft-launched a thematic equity fund, Mansartis Ternativ, on 11 May 2017, InvestmentEurope has learned.

The daily liquid fund will invest in companies exposed to one of the following themes : access drinking water, carbon footprint reduction, renewable energies and development of the circular economy.

According to fund literature, the fund will invest in stocks of firms based in OECD country members and emerging markets with a 30% maximum cap for emerging markets equity investments.

As for the access drinking water thematic, the management team will look at dominant players or companies that achieve half of their revenue in the following sub-sectors : water management and distribution, infrastructure equipment suppliers, companies involved in water treatment and monitoring of water quality.

Mansartis specifies that the carbon footprint reduction theme played in this fund is not aimed to reduce the carbon footprint of the overall portfolio but to select qualitative companies whose goal is to trim the carbon footprint of their clients.

Companies included by the boutique in the theme of renewable energies will have to make at least 50% of their turnover or sales in the sector. Firms relying on fossil fuels or on nuclear power generation (at the exception of nuclear waste treatment) are excluded of its scope.

Regarding the fourth theme, developing the circular economy, Mansartis’ management team will pick up names of companies that work on extending the life/use of consumption goods and services. Dominant players and companies achieving half of their revenue in the following sub-sectors will be considered: recycling, transformation of commodities and waste, companies selling second hand equipment.

A total investment universe of 200 stocks will serve to build a portfolio of around 50 positions. The Mansartis Ternativ fund will be at least exposed at 90% in equities globally. Companies valued at more than €2bn will represent a minimum of 80% of the fund’s net assets invested.