42% of Belgians rely on banks to make decisions


Financial group ING has found out 42% of Belgian individuals expect their bank to help them taking important decisions.

ING has conducted an international survey with researcher Ipsos in 15 countries interviewing 1,004 Belgian individuals.

However, the survey showed 43% of Belgians interviewed answered they do not require any particular help from their bank.

In addition, three in four Belgians consider their financial situation is in a good shape and that they can face current and further expenses. Some 42% of the individuals surveyed said they are perfectly able to deal with their expenses while 33% said they can face it more or less.

The remaining 25% have assessed finding themselves in a difficult financial situation. ING pointed out the figure is below the European average rate for the same question. Some 60% of Italian individuals and 36% of Spanish persons said they were meeting financial difficulties.

Among other findings, ING’s survey revealed 3 in 4 Belgians think future generations will face more uncertainty on the financial side. In addition, 7 in 10 Belgians think learning to manage assets is very important for future generations.



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