FIM, SSE in joint research on Swedish commission ban


FIM, the Finland headquartered active manager, and the Stockholm School of Economics are jointly investigating the impact of a potential ban on commission that may follow a government inquiry into implementing aspects of Mifid II in Sweden.

The research will be conducted through the spring and is intended for publication by May 2015. Students engaged in the CEMS Master in International Management will be working in a similar way to any financial consultancy to consider key questions that a commission ban raises.

These include:

  • Will the customer’s access to individual financial advice be diminished?
  • Will the total cost that the end customer pays in the form of fees increase or decrease?
  • What happens to competition in the fund industry?

Maria von Matérn, responsible for the joint project at FIM, said: “As a long term fund manager it is natural to think about how we can support a development in which the customer’s interests are put first. We look forward to following the students’ work through the spring and hope that in their interviews with Swedish players will be able to obtain a good picture of what consequences the inquiry’s proposals may have for a a Swedish fund investor.”

Johan Wahlman, chief executive of FIM Kapitalförvaltning AB, said: “FIM is engaged in a knowledge-intensive investment business, which has also made as a forerunner in, for example, emerging and frontier markets. It is natural for us to support the academic development in our area and we look positively on developments that lead to increased transparency. We hope that this exchange also contributes to our continued ability to remain at the forefront.”