Exclusive: AXA IM turns healthcare fund into ageing pop fund

Exclusive: AXA IM turns healthcare fund into ageing pop fund

AXA Investment Managers has decided to revamp the AXA World Funds – Framlington Health fund, invested in companies engaged in healthcare and medical products and services worldwide.

InvestmentEurope can reveal the fund will be renamed as AXA World Funds – Framlington Longevity Economy as from 31 August 2018. It will invest at least two thirds of its net assets in stocks related to the ageing population theme (elderly care, well-being, medical treatments for elders, senior leisure, etc).

The fund will seek to reap the mid-long term benefits of ageing population demographic trends.

In February, AXA Framlington Equities’ team had adopted a long-term thematic approach around five core topics (ageing/lifestyle; connected consumer; automation; CleanTech and transitioning societies), with the conviction they represent multi-decade growth themes with greater than 10% year-on-year growth potential.

The AXA World Funds – Framlington Health fund is currently co-run by Dani Saurymper and Linden Thomson. It had €95.36m in assets under management as of 1 August 2018.

According to a document seen by InvestmentEurope, AXA IM will also proceed to the rebranding of several funds on 3 August 2018 without changing their investment policies.

The AXA WF – Framlington Euro Relative Value fund will become the AXA WF – Framlington Opportunities fund.

The AXA WF – Planet Bonds fund will be renamed as AXA WF – Global Green Bonds with the aim of better reflecting the investment strategy of the compartment.

The same purpose has led AXA IM to rebrand the AXA WF – MiX in Perspectives fund as the AXA World Funds – Framlington Women Empowerment fund, and the AXA WF – Framlington Global fund as the AXA WF – Framlington Evolving Trends fund.

Lastly, the board of the AXA World Funds Sicav has decided to rename the AXA WF – Euro 3-5 fund as AXA WF – Euro Aggregate Short Duration.