Springtime: German ZEW outlook thaws

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The outlook for Germany’s economy has improved gradually in March, according to the latest ZEW survey.

The poll, conducted among 216 analysts and institutional investors in Germany, revealed that the six month outlook for Germany rose to 4.3 basis points, a 3.3 point improvement compared to the previous month.

At the same time, respondents were more cautious on the assessment of the current situation in Germany, the index dropped by -1.6 basis points to 50.7 basis points month on month.

Similarly, the index for the six month economic outlook for the Eurozone dropped by -3 basis points to 10.6, the sentiment of the current situation for the eurozone declined by -3.8 basis points to -11.8 points.

“The guesswork on further economic developments in key emerging markets, the development of the oil price and the euro exchange rate continue to generate caution. The recent expansion of ECB liquidity measures doesn’t appear to have led to a significant improvement of the economic outlook” commentd Sascha Steffen. Head of the International Financial Market and Financial Management  research division at ZEW.