Robeco launches FinTech equities fund

Robeco launches FinTech equities fund

Robeco has launched a new global FinTech equities fund, investing in stocks of listed companies which benefit from the increasing digitization of the financial sector.

The fund, which is domiciled in Luxembourg, aims to be benchmark agnostic and holds a concentrated portfolio of stocks which stand out because they either have a competitive advantage of in their space, facilitate a digitization trend or are expected to capitalise on future industry changes.

Patrick Lemmens, who also manages Robeco New World Financial Equities, and Jeroen van Oerle have been appointed as portfolio managers of the fund.

Lemmens comments on the launch: “..we have invested in the digital finance trend for over six years now with Robeco New World Financial Equities as this is one of the three themes in that fund, but to launch a fund that solely invests in the FinTech space is very exciting. I strongly believe that digital finance will open the way to 2 billion people who currently don’t manage their financial affairs, and that on-line payment methods will become mainstream, while cash becomes the exception.”

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