Berenberg & Henning Gebhardt launch equity funds

Ridhima Sharma
Berenberg & Henning Gebhardt launch equity funds

Berenberg and Henning Gebhardt will launch Berenberg’s new flagship fund – Berenberg Aktien Strategie Deutschland.

Gebhardt strategy is closely linked to that of his success fund “DWS Aktien Strategie Deutschland”, which he managed at DWS for 16 years until he moved to Berenberg.

Henning Gebhardt said, “The basis for the successful investment philosophy that we are going to apply now is a high share of the shares and a clear overweight or underweight in the larger securities.” He and his team will mainly invest in German equities titles.

“With the Berenberg Aktien Strategie Deutschland, we will invest in promising quality companies with above-average structural growth and success prospects. In doing so, we will not look in to criteria such as stock exchange value or index affiliation, but rather on sectors or individual values that can develop better than the broad market in the long term”, he added.

The overall concept includes four investment columns: a fundamental stock analysis, a long-term investment horizon, a stringent and transparent investment process and a sustainability analysis. The aim is to strike the market with an adequate risk profile and continuous risk management. For the new fund, the existing fund “Berenberg Aktien – Quality & Value” was renamed and the investment concept changed.