CB Fonder broadens distribution of Save Earth fund

Jonathan Boyd
CB Fonder broadens distribution of Save Earth fund

CB Fonder, the Stockholm based manager, has added distribution of its Save Earth fund, which is now available to local investors via SEB and the Swedish Pensions Agency, in addition to Avanza, Nordnet, Fondmarknaden.se, Swedbank, Nord Fondkommission, and via MFEX at Handelsbanken, Danica and Länsförsäkringar.

The fund, which invests across the three key areas of water, renewable energy and cleantech, has grown AUM from €6m in 2008 to some €40m as of 2017. Using the MSCI World Net as its benchmark, the portfolio is managed to offer exposure to lower risk than the index or average risk seen in each of the three discrete areas in which it invests.

CB Fonder cites data supporting the longer term shift it sees occurring in areas such as renewable energy.

Source: CB Fonder