CheBanca! launches product in partnership with iShares


Italy’s CheBanca! has launched Risparmio Assicurato in partnership with iShares and GenerteLife, an insurance product with a diversified ETFs portfolio with a target level of risk.

The new insurance product will include a segregated account of GenertelLife,  a fund where savings are allocated, allowing clients to have target yield objective and a high watermark mechanism and investing mainly in bonds; ETFs fund (Strategic Model Portfolio) built on a model portfolio of iShares ETFs at a controlled risk; an insurance life component.

When subscribing, investors will be able to choose among four different investment profiles which are a combination of the Segregated account and the Fund of ETFs: Linea Classica, with 100% segregated mandate; Linea Jazz, with 70% Segregated mandate and 30% Fund of ETFs; Linea Pop, with 50% segregated mandate and 50% ETFs; Linea Rock, with 30% Segregated mandate and 70% ETFs.

“Today investors are looking for investment solutions, which can guarantee stability, protection and returns. Starting on these needs, we developed a unique product, absolutely new for Italy, combining the capital protection and increasing returns – typical of the insurance component – with an ETFs portfolio, flexible and with a predefined volatility range.

“An innovative product developed in partnership with iShares of BlackRock Group, world’s market leader,” commented Roberto Ferrari, General Manager of CheBanca!.

“Our partnership with CheBanca! is a key milestone for iShares and the Italian savings industry as a whole.

“We are seeing huge growth in ETF usage across Italy, and Europe, as these tools provide investors with simple access to a broad range of exposures to build their medium long term portfolios,” added Emanuele Bellingeri (pictured), head of iShares Italy.



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