Stamina AM hands over US equity fund to GCM

Stamina AM hands over US equity fund to GCM

French boutique Stamina Asset Management, part of Primonial group, has delegated the management of its US equity fund Stamina Amérique to US asset manager Golden Capital Management (GCM) since 16 December 2016.

The fund has been rebranded Stamina GCM US Equity seeks to outperform the S&P 500 over the long term. It relies on a stock picking approach and provides exposure to US stocks without style or sector bias.

The fund, whose AUM were €6.9m as of 28 February 2017, is managed by GCM’s founders Greg Golden and Jeff Moser while Stamina’s manager Gauthier Le Bras oversees the fund management.

GCM has been established in 1998 and integrated to Wells Fargo AM in 2007.

The firm’s stock selection involves the use of a proprietary tool that ranks companies on a triple criteria : valuation (45%), growth perspectives (45%), market-price dynamics (10%).

The investment universe of the Stamina GCM US Equity fund consists of the first quintile of stocks ranked according to GCM’s process before a qualitative analysis is made.

The portfolio holds around 50 positions and is diversified regarding sectors.

Stamina AM’s director Nadine Trémollières,  said GCM’s stock picking management was the right approach to enable Stamina’s clients to be exposed to US stocks for diversification purposes.

Stamina AM had €765m in assets under management as of 28 February 2017.