Fimarge boosts presence in Spain through distribution deal with Ursus-3 Capital

Eugenia Jiménez
clock • 1 min read

Madrid-based asset manager Ursus-3 Capital has signed a collaboration agreement with the Andorran firm Fimarge by which Ursus-3 Capital will distribute in Spain some Fimarge’s funds and Sicavs.

Astra Sicav-SIF Iridium Balanced Portfolio, Fimarge Ucits Balanced Portfolio Fund and Astra Sicav-SIF Iridium Flexible Equity are the three strategies to be distributed by Ursus-3 Capital across Spain.

Assets under management of the three products amount to some €80m and about 200 participants.

The three investment vehicles are registered in Spain, of which two are already available in sales distribution fund platforms.

Fimarge Ucits Balanced Portfolio Fund is Fimarge’s oldest strategy with 5 years track record and has some €25m of assets under management. Its investment portfolio can invest up to 30% in equities while the portfolio of Astra Sicav-SIF Iridium Flexible Equity can invest up to 80% in equities.

The agreement increases Ursus-3 Capital funds range while being in line with Fimarge’s strategy of third party fund distribution.

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