2IG acquires Connos & increases AUM to €25bn

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The Institutional Investment Group (2IG) has acquired Connos, an IT services and consulting firm specialising in asset managers and capital management companies (KVGs).

With the acquistion, 2IG grows to about 300 employees and manages assets under management with a total value of more than €25bn.

Together with the BaFin-regulated ServiceInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH and the acb GmbH as a specialist for the accounting of real estate funds, Connos also completes the new division ‘Asset Servicing’ within the 2IG.

In addition to the Investor Solutions division, the Asset Servicing division is the second pillar within 2IG through Institutional Investment Partners (2IP).

“The performance of the individual companies will now be expanded to include higher-level customer and service management, and the service will be particularly entangled with unique IT solutions,” added Jörg Homann, co-founder and CEO of 2IG.