Sarasin & Partners launches quant eurozone equity fund

Sarasin & Partners launches quant eurozone equity fund

UK boutique Sarasin & Partners has launched the Sarasin Systematic Eurozone Equity Fund.

This new long only systematic strategy seeks to take advantage of trends as well as volatility in liquid mid-and-large cap Eurozone-listed stocks.

Sarasin & Partners has been involved in systematic investing since 1996.

Andrea Nardon, head of Quant at Sarasin & Partners, commented: “We are very pleased to offer a new systematic eurozone strategy that truly stands out in its category.

“It enables investors to benefit from the proven risk premia in a fully transparent way, whilst avoiding some of the biggest challenges posed by multi-factor optimisation problems.”

Sarasin & Partners managed £14.4bn (€16.97bn) of assets under management as of 31 December 2016.

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