EG Capital Advisors launches high yield corporate EMD fund

Eugenia Jiménez
EG Capital Advisors launches high yield corporate EMD fund

London-based investment firm EG Capital Advisors has launched the $75m Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Ucits, a mirror of its dollar-denominated strategy.

The new EG Capital Advisors EM Corporate High Yield Ucits – a sub-fund of the firm’s high yield corporate EMD fund – opens the dollar-denominated strategy to a wider market.

The $500 million (€405,74m) Emerging Market Corporate High Yield strategy has only been accessible to high net worth investors and family offices since they inherited the strategy in 2009.

The company’s CIO Dmitry Griko advises on the strategy of the Ucits fund, which despite not having a specific yield target, aims at delivering high returns over a full market cycle.

The EG Capital Advisors Emerging Markets High Yield Strategy was established in 2009 but operates as a separately constituted fund since 2014.

Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income Dimitry Griko said: “We believe that Emerging Markets High Yield is gaining the recognition it deserves among serious investors, and is increasingly accepted as an important element of a balanced investment portfolio.

“Our approach recognises the potentially risky concentrations to certain countries and industries inherent in broader indices. We focus on detailed, bottom-up credit research, and have a prudent approach to issuer, industry and country concentration.”