Assenagon launches Asian equity fund


German asset manager Assenagon has announced the launch of the Assenagon Substanz Asien equity fund, aimed at enabling investors to collect continuous profit-financed dividends in selected Asian growth markets.

This strategy follows the concept of the Assenagon Substanz Europa fund. Launched in April 2013, it pursues a similar European dividend strategy including a continuous hedge of the equity nominal and has attracted around 17% in dividend returns in the two years since its launch.

Assenagon Substanz Asien portfolio managers Daniel Jakubowski and Dorian Ruffini will be focusing on the six target markets: Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

The fund aims to stabilise dividend income and collect continual distributions throughout the year. At least half of the stocks held should have dividend payments forthcoming in the next three months. This means that the portfolio is reallocated on a quarterly basis to capture the respective dividend cycles in the six target markets.

The fund is Ucits compliant, denominated in Euro and authorised for distribution in Germany, Luxembourg and Austria. It has an annual management fee of 0.9%.