German robo-adviser Ginmon & China Everbright team up

Ridhima Sharma
German robo-adviser Ginmon & China Everbright team up

The German financial service company Ginmon has opened an office in Shanghai and signed a partnership contract with Everbright Yunfu Internet Co. Ltd, the internet finance subsidiary of China Everbright Group. The cooperation is the first of its kind in the world.

Jerome Eger, managing director of Ginmon China arranged the collaboration with Everbright.

The Chinese market for robo-advisory is estimated at more than $750bn in 2020. The industry offers an enormous growth potential of more than 15% annually.

Jerome Eger who formerly worked at The Boston Consulting Group has been engaged in China-projects for over ten years and manages a team of seven in Shanghai.

Lingwu Xia, vice chairman and CEO of Everbright Yunfu Internet said: “After a deep analysis of all providers, Ginmon’s leading technology is the best match with our ambition. Beside their convincing technology, it provides investor protection and attractive investment solutions.”

Everbright Yunfu Internet plans to cooperate with Ginmon through various channels.

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