Eurizon launches global FX fund

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Eurizon Capital has launched a new fund which identifies investment opportunities through a currency portfolio, based on top-down analyses of global markets.

The EasyFund SLJ Global FX is a Luxembourg sub-fund managed by Eurizon SLJ Capital, a London-based asset manager formed in partnership with Eurizon. It aims at achieving positive returns, regardless of the markets’ performance, by investing primarily in global currency markets, whilst minimizing the risk of capital loss.

Currencies are a liquid and flexible investment solution incorporating global macroeconomic dynamics. At the same time, the strategies focusing on foreign exchange markets have a low – and sometimes negative – correlation with the traditional asset classes, so that they offer remarkable advantages in terms of portfolio diversification.

“We found in Stephen Li Jen and Fatih Yilmaz the ideal partners to drive forward an international development project, thanks to their well-established and acknowledged expertise in currency management, analysis and in macroeconomic research. Eurizon EasyFund SLJ Global FX is the first product arising from this partnership and introducing in our offer such a new expertise,” said Tommaso Corcos, CEO of Eurizon Capital.

“We take a medium-term approach through top-down analyses aimed at capturing multi-month and multi-year macroeconomic trends. Nevertheless, we can also implement tactical trading strategies to capitalize on shorter-term investment opportunities,” said Stephen Li Jen, CEO of Eurizon SLJ Capital.

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