Quaero Capital changes Lux Sicav fund names

Jonathan Boyd
Quaero Capital changes Lux Sicav fund names

Geneva-headquartered Quaero Capital has changed the name of its Luxembourg Sicav funds to Quaero Capital Funds (Lux) from its earlier name of Argos Funds.

The change reflects a broader rebranding across the business, which switched from Argos Investment Managers to Quaero Capital SA in 2015. All strategies affected as such remain unchanged, including liquidity, fees, Isin codes, minimum investment levels, share classes and tax considerations.

Jean Keller, CEO of Quaero Capital, said: “We have implemented this change as the final part of our rebranding initiative.  Quaero – the Latin word for ‘I research’ or ‘I seek’ – is consistent with our commitment to offer a range of actively managed, high-conviction funds based on a commitment to fundamental research and original thinking.”

As a boutique, Quaero Capital is 100% owned by employees, which constitute some 44 staff including 24 investment professionals. It currently manufactures 13 Luxembourg Ucits funds, a Luxembourg Sif, a Swiss regulated fund and a French regulated fund.


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