Degroof Petercam to scrap two FoF

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Brussels-headquartered manager Degroof Petercam is set to consider the further liquidation of two funds of funds, DPAM FoF B Balanced and DPAM FoF B Equities, because of an insufficient level of assets in both compartments of the DPAM FoF B Sicav.

As of 29 November 2016, the DPAM FoF B Balanced had €10.35m of assets under management with the following strategies as top 5 holdings : Natixis Souverains Euro, Invesco Euro Corporate Bond, Deutsche Invest I Euro Bonds, Nordea-1 North American All Cap and AXA World Funds Global Inflation Bonds.

The DPAM FoF B Equities, invested at a minimum of 80% in funds and instruments providing exposure to emerging markets, had €26.97m of AUM as at 29 November 2016.

Its five top holdings were Hermes Global Emerging Markets, JPM US Value C, Nordea-1 North American All Cap, BGF European Value and Henderson Horizon Euroland.

An extraordinary meeting will occur on 19 December 2016 to discuss the eventual removal of the FoF.

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