Efma explores new AI opportunities

Ridhima Sharma
Efma explores new AI opportunities

Efma explores the latest artificial intelligence (AI) research and analysis from across the globe, bringing together the most important insight that will enable retail financial services firms to leverage exciting new technologies and turn their data into clear business advantage.

The report ‘Getting ahead with AI: Transforming the future of financial services’ not only looks at the many new opportunities that AI technologies are presenting to financial services organisations, but also tackles the key challenges that are inhibiting success. It also showcases how some of the most pioneering enterprises are leveraging AI to great effect and explores the current state of play across different regions.

“Banks and insurers have an unprecedented opportunity to automate and transform their businesses through the innovative use of AI technologies,” said Vincent Bastid, Efma’s CEO.

“It seems likely that AI will revolutionise the way they gain information from and interact with customers, and may even become the face of their organisation or brand. The report aims to help financial services firms get to grips with current trends, meet new challenges and realise the massive potential that AI has to offer.”

It concludes with four key recommendations that experts make to financial services firms who are looking to effectively exploit the value of AI. This advice includes focusing on filling the skills gap, investing and finding relevant partnerships, the need to become a cognitive bank, the importance of implementing the right mix of platform technologies, and lastly how important it is to never forget the human touch.

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