Lannebo CEO takes seat on board of Swedish Investment Fund Association

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Martin Öqvist, chief executive of Lannebo Fonder in Sweden has joined the board of the Swedish Investment Fund Association, after being elected at the Association’s annual general meeting.

Lannebo was founded in 2000, and Öqvist has been chief executive since February 2016.

The board currently includes

Chairman:  Maria Rengefors, Nordea Fonder (re-elected)

Deputy chairman: Carl Cederschiöld, Handelsbanken Fonder (re-elected)

Other board members:

  • Martin Öqvist, Lannebo Fonder (newly elected)
  • Peter Branner, SEB Investment Management (re-elected)
  • Annelie Enquist, Skandia Fonder (re-elected)
  • Liza Jonson; Swedbank Robur (re-elected)
  • Magnus Lekander, East Capital (re-elected)
  • Johan Wahlman, FIM Fonder (re-elected)
  • Åsa Wallenberg, SPP Fonder (re-elected)

The Association counts some 40 members, representing the bulk of investment fund assets in the domestic market.