Amiral Gestion enters Italy

Eugenia Jiménez
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French boutique Amiral Gestion has today launched in Italy through an event held in Milan where the firm presented its business plans for the country.

The Italian launch will be led by Francisco Rodríguez D’Achille, who will be working from Madrid office while collaborating with the team in Paris as well as with Amiral founder and chairman François Badelon.

Pablo Martínez Bernal, Amiral Gestion’s head of Investors Relations in Spain had already announced earlier this year the firm’s plans to enter the Italian market.

Martínez also unveiled the company’s plans to conduct a business development in Portugal and LatAm but operating from its Spanish office. Amiral aims also at expanding its business activity in Switzerland and Luxembourg from the firm’s headquarters in Paris.

Amiral Gestion’s head of institutional business development Francisco Rodríguez, said: “Our main objective is to generate alpha in the long-term. Our historical track record has been great and we are now working hard to achieve those results again in the future. Our sub-portfolio strategy and a wide investment team have guaranteed us enough flexibility to face financial markets environment during the last years. We are pleased to put at the disposal of Italian investors our experience and management philosophy.”

Amiral Gestion, founded in France in 2002, has some 40 staff, of which 28 work as part of the asset management team based in Paris.

Although the company has its headquartered in the French capital, it also has offices in Madrid – for commercial representation -and in Singapore, where the research activity takes place.

The boutique, which is fully owned by managers and other employees, is aimed half at retail clients and half at wholesale and institutional clients.

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