Tressis launches customised financial planning service

Eugenia Jiménez
Tressis launches customised financial planning service

Spain’s Tressis has launched Wealthinking, a strategy aimed at helping clients to reach their financial goals throughout all the stages of their lives.

Wealthinking, offering advisory and financial planning among its services, is framed within the firm’s strategic three-year plan, which seeks to double assets under management from the current €4bn registered in May.

This customised service offers clients different portfolios according to their financial circumstances and goals while assesses both clients and their families as if they were a business, preparing them a business plan.

Wealthinking seeks to avoid to some extent the financial uncertainty of clients’ future, as well as to make that vital goals determine financial decisions and not the reverse, Tressis explains.

Wealthinking classifies clients’ vital goals in seven major categories:

    1. Retirement: encouraging clients to be far-sighted because those financial goals not reached before retirement, might not be reached after that.
    2. Forecast and family: optimizing the management of investments to cover possible contingencies and guaranteeing economic stability in the event of unforeseen events such as long-term unemployment.
    3. Academic training: projecting expenses of academic training.
    4. Housing: planning real estate assets to select the best financial and fiscal option.
    5. Elderly: including in the financial planning budget to face possible extra costs of ageing.
    6. Other goals: other investments that need also to be included in the financial planning including socially responsible investments, setting up a new company, etc.

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