French government awards SRI label to Mirova funds

French government awards SRI label to Mirova funds

The French government has awarded its new SRI label -Transition énergétique et écologique pour le climat- to three funds of Natixis’ SRI boutique Mirova.

Strategies awarded include the Mirova Europe Environmental Equity Fund, Mirova Green Bond–Global and Mirova-Eurofideme 3.

The label backed by French authorities has been launched in the aftermath of the law on energy transition voted in August 2015.

Novethic and EY France are responsible for awarding the green label to investment funds that are available to French investors.

It seeks to help French investors financing the energy transition by choosing funds that only focus on green economy.

The label is granted for one year.

The French government expects it to boost the launch of green funds in France as well as the reporting of environmental measures taken by companies in their activities.