Anaxis AM unveils new fixed-maturity bond fund

Anaxis AM unveils new fixed-maturity bond fund

Paris-based boutique Anaxis Asset Management is set to launch the US Bond Opp. 2021, a dated bond fund maturing on 31 December 2021.

This France-domiciled Ucits fund, whose launch is planned for 28 March 2017, invests in corporate bonds maturing close to 2021, in the industrial and non-financial services sectors mainly based in the US.

The US Bond Opp. 2021 fund seeks to outperform the US sovereign bond maturing on 31 December 2021 by 5% annually.

The investment management team applies a fundamental approach, selecting each issue, drawing on in-depth credit analysis.

The fund will be diversified in terms of issuers and sectors in order to limit concentration risks.