Capital Group expands high yield offering in Europe

Capital Group expands high yield offering in Europe

Capital Group’s US High Yield fund has been added to the group’s Luxembourg-domiciled Ucits fund range, in a bid to facilitate access for European investors.

The fund, which launched today, joins the Capital Group US Corporate Bond Fund (Lux), which launched in March this year. The High Yield portfolio is managed by Shannon Ward and David Daigle. The US Corporate Bond Fund is managed by David Lee.

Shannon Ward said: “Over the past decade the US high-yield market has grown in breadth and depth and is ideally suited for Capital Group’s fundamental research approach. A well-constructed portfolio of high-yield bonds offers investors the potential for relatively attractive and secure returns and can help investors achieve their financial goals. Downside protection is particularly important for our clients and that is a key element to the way in which the portfolio is managed.”

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