Fidelity lowers cost of Fidelity Asian Values Plc


Investors in Fidelity Asian Values Plc are set to benefit from a lower annual management charge from 1 August 2015.

The board of Fidelity Asian Values Plc and Fidelity Worldwide Investment have agreed to reduce the annual management charge (AMC) from 1% per annum to a tiered pricing structure, starting at 0.9% per annum on the first £200m of the company’s gross assets.  Should the company’s gross assets rise above £200m (currently £182.5m), the AMC on the assets over this value will be just 0.85%.

The board has also announced an alteration to the trust’s comparative index. As from 1 August 2015, this will change from the MSCI AC Far East ex Japan Index to the MSCI Asia ex Japan Index.

The index is used for comparative purposes only when analysing the trust. The portfolio manager continues to have the complete freedom to invest in the Asian companies of his choice and the change has no bearing on the investments held by the trust.

Kate Bolsover, chairman of Fidelity Asian Values Plc, commented: “We regularly review our fees to ensure they remain competitive, particularly following the Retail Distribution Review which has resulted in changes to pricing.

“Both the board and Fidelity believe that this change will be attractive to new investors considering Fidelity Asian Values Plc and this will be to the benefit of investors in the company overall.”