Santalucía launches unit linked insurance plan

Eugenia Jiménez
Santalucía launches unit linked insurance plan

Santalucía has launched MaxiPlan Inversión Personalizada, a savings insurance policy in unit linked format that enables policyholders to decide the basket of funds in which their contributions are invested.

MaxiPlan Inversión Personalizada, the first launch of Santalucía after the integration of Aviva’s Spanish business, offers clients the possibility to choose between four possible baskets of funds – which use seven different funds – depending on their savings and risk profile, with different composition and time horizons.

Clients will also be entitled to swap from one basket to another, depending on their risk level and in order to take advantage of market periods or consolidate benefits.

MaxiPlan Inversión Personalizada allows for single contributions (minimum €3,000), regular contributions (minimum €600 per year, or its half-yearly, quarterly or monthly equivalent) and extraordinary contributions (minimum €600).

The funds included in the vehicle may be composed of different asset classes – such as shares, fixed-income securities, monetary assets, derivatives, and other collective investment institutions or a combination of all of them.

Santalucía completed the acquisition of Aviva Vida y Pensiones and its bancassurance agreements with Unicaja Banco and its subsidiary EspañaDuero for €446m in September 2017.

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