VAM Funds, Close Brothers offer DFM to international investors

Jonathan Boyd

VAM Funds and Close Brothers Asset Management have signed a strategic partnership to provide discretionary fund management services to international financial advisers.

The deal means that CBAM’s expertise will be available through VAM Discretionary Funds. VAM will bring three diversified multi-asset portfolios to investors via a Luxembourg domiciled Ucits IV structure. The investment strategies are managed by CBAM through a discretionary fund management agreement.

The funds are: VAM Close Brothers Cautious Fund, VAM Close Brothers Balanced Fund and VAM Close Brothers Growth Fund. Each is designed to suit specific risk profiles and investment preferences.

Nigel Watson, sales director for VAM Funds, said: “As in the UK, financial intermediaries based internationally are increasingly realising that their skills are primarily in financial planning and relationship management, not in picking funds or building and managing clients’ investment portfolios. In fact, for advisers there are considerable risks in taking on these roles. This means there is growing demand for risk-rated, multi-asset, managed fund solutions that provide international advisers and their clients with effective access to a first class discretionary fund manager.”


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