Ex-Winton's CIO launches own boutique

Ex-Winton's CIO launches own boutique

The former chief investment officer of London-based Winton Capital Management, Matthew Beddall, has established its own boutique, Havelock London.

Beddall spent 17 years at Winton Capital Management. Former colleagues at Winton, Kate Land – ex-Winton research director – and Alisdair Wren – ex-Winton technology director, have joined Beddall’s new challenge as co-founders.

So did Neil Carter, who was most recently head of Middle East & Africa at Jupiter AM and is now chief commercial officer of Havelock London.

Commenting the launch of Havelock London on his Linkedin page, Carter said: “Havelock London is a new entrant to the investment management industry, founded with the aspiration of helping investors achieve better outcomes by making objective decisions based on data.

“We believe in a value-based approach to investing, and that this can be made more efficient and rigorous through the use of technology. We have a depth of experience in the practical use of data analytics to manage money, and are working hard to develop a product offering that will turn our aspirations into a reality.”

The firm also provides advisory services to integrate data-driven approach into investment processes.

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