Paramés boutique launches four mutual funds

Paramés boutique launches four mutual funds

Cobas Asset Management, the boutique of the renowned Spanish fund manager Francisco García Paramés, has registered with Spain’s National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) its first four mutual funds.

The new range of funds, of which three will invest mainly in equities and one in fixed income, will be commercialised in Spain from 8 March.

The Cobas Internacional fund will invest mainly in global equities from any sector and type of company. Investments will be focused on the OECD countries, but it can invest up to 40% of its assets in emerging market equities.

Cobas Iberia fund, for its part, will be exposed to at least 75% of Iberia equities from any company and sector.

Paramés has also launched a fund investing in major companies, Cobas Grandes Compañías, which will invest more than 80% of the total assets in global equities.

At least 70% of the fund will be invested in international companies with a market capitalisation of more than €4bn, without a particular preference by sector or country. Investments will be focused on the OECD markets, and may have up to 40% of exposure in emerging countries.

At least 85% of the Cobas Renta fund will be invested in fixed income and the rest in equity assets of any capitalization, geography and sector.

A fifth fund, Cobas Seleccion, previously launched by Banca March-owned Inversis Gestión, will be integrated into Cobas AM shortly, the asset manager said in a note to investors.

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