Tim Warrington confirmed as Skagen's CEO

Tim Warrington confirmed as Skagen's CEO

Tim Warrington (pictured), who has been acting CEO of Skagen since the departure of Øyvind Schanke in May, has been confirmed as chief executive officer of the Norwegian manager by the firm’s board.

He has been working for Skagen for over ten years, having been responsible for responsible for international distribution and domestic wealth management before being appointed deputy CEO in June 2013.

Alexandra Morris will remain investment director, responsible for the investment teams, a role she has held since September 2016.

Odd Arild Grefstad, chairman of the board of Skagen and CEO of Storebrand, said: “Tim has detailed industry knowledge, strong leadership skills and represents continuity and stability for both clients and employees. We are confident that he has the business acumen and determination needed to lead the company and implement Skagen’s strategy going forward.”

Jan Erik Saugestad, EVP Asset Management of Storebrand, commented: “Important steps have already been taken in building a joint Skagen and Storebrand operational platform and strengthening distribution, while at the same time safeguarding the independence of the investment boutique and its ability to provide clients with value. With Tim as CEO, and Alexandra Morris as investment director, we now have a very strong leadership team to ensure stability and development going forward.”

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