Italian investors open to robo advisors but with caution

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More than half of Italians are ready to entrust the management of their savings to so-called robo advisors, but with caution, according to a study conducted by Schroders, surveying 1,000 investors.

Although 61% of Italian investors are open to online platforms offering investment solutions through sophisticated algorithms, 49% gave the possibility to interact with a counsellor as a condition. Only 11% of investors are ready to entrust robo advisors without such support.

The remaining 39% of investors surveyed by Schroders in Italy is split between those who say no to this possibility but leave the door open to it in the future (31%), and those who rule it out completely, feeling the need to have direct contact with a human being (9%).

In terms of demographics, Italian Millennials (those aged 18-35) seem more keen to exploit new technologies for the management of their savings — 70% is ready to entrust their savings to robo advisors, either on its own or with the support of a counsellor. This percentage goes down to 45% among Italian investors aged over 55.

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