Global ETP's continue to attract strong inflows

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Monthly inflows into global ETP’s reached a new annual record driven by investor’s appetite for among others developed market equities and investment grade corporate bonds, according to the August data presented by BlackRock.

In August alone, the global ETP industry has attracted USD47.4bn (€39.7bn), with US equity funds alone attracting USD9.5bn (€7.9bn), followed by the broader category of developed market equities and Japanese equities.

Fixed income ETP’s attracted USD12.2bn (€, of which almost a third in investment grade corporate bonds.

Since the beginning of the year, the industry has attracted USD419.2bn (€348.9bn) in inflows, compared to Augusat 2016, assets increased from USD3,356bn (€2,793.7bn) to USD4,297bn (€3,577bn).

The total number of ETP’s has increased from 6,006 to 6,289 year-on-year.

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