CPR AM launches disruptive equity fund

CPR AM launches disruptive equity fund

CPR AM has launched the CPR Invest Global Disruptive Opportunities fund, a sub-fund of the Luxembourg-domiciled Sicav CPR Invest on 22 December 2016.

The fund aims to outperform global equity markets by investing in stocks of disruptive companies across the world.

The lead portfolio manager of the fund is Wesley Lebeau, thematic equity portfolio manager, alongside Estelle Ménard, deputy head of Thematic Equities.

The fund will invest in stocks of companies identified as disruptive through their ability to be dominant players in their markets, firms that innovate or transform themselves in order to adapt to  the mutations of their sectors (services, products, production system…).

The portfolio of CPR Invest – Global Disruptive Opportunities is composed of around 80 stocks with similar volatility to that of the MSCI World Index.

“Disruption having a number of facets, our strategy is not limited to one sector. Our thematic approach which has been identified through four dimensions (digital economy, industry 4.0, planet Earth, life sciences & healthcare) aims to cover the whole spectrum of disruption as we defined it,” say portfolio managers Estelle Ménard and Wesley Lebeau.

For CPR, digital economy includes the following sub-sectors: virtual reality, internet of things, big data, digital marketing, shared economy, cloud, fintechs, cybersecurity.

Industry 4.0 is related to smart objects, 3D Printing, electric/autonomous cars, automation, drones, robotics/artificial intelligence while life sciences and healthcare gather biotechs, medtech, immunotherapy, e-health as well as diagnostic tools.

As for the planet Earth component, it includes energy storage, shale oil & gas, solar power, yield-co, smart grid, wind power, efficiency, precision farming.

During the official launch of the fund in Paris on 17 January 2017, CPR’s strategist Thomas Page-Lecuyer, listed the four “forces” of disruption : technology, demographics, globalisation, energy transition.

“Disruption is infinite as it constantly evolves. It is a moving universe. A company can disrupt all products, all consumers in all sectors. But these companies can be disrupted themselves. These new players can disrupt endlessly,” he explained, citing Kodak which was disrupted by Nikon and Canon.

The CPR Invest – Global Disruptive Opportunities, which currently gathers €35m of assets under management, is registered in France and Italy. It will be soon distributed in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

“CPR Invest – Global Disruptive Opportunities meets growing demand from both worldwide and French distribution networks and institutional clients on thematic equity management. Our new fund is innovative, non cyclical and can generate sustainable growth over the long term,” said Vafa Ahmadi, head of Thematic Equities at CPR AM.

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