Linedata unveils new brand identity on 20th birthday

Eugenia Jiménez
Linedata unveils new brand identity on 20th birthday

Fintech provider Linedata has launched a new brand identity and enhanced its product offering as part of the enterprise strategy the company has conducted over the last two years.

The company said that this digital transformation, which entails the unveiling of a new brand platform and visual identity, comes in response to the many disruptions brought by new technologies and behaviours.

The new logo – created in collaboration with the branding agency Carré Noir – reflects Linedata’s story, emanating from the heart of the symbol and revealing the perfect symbiosis between L, the initial, and D for data, the company’s expertise, Linedata said.

In addition to this new brand platform, the company has launched two fully modular solutions for its credit finance clients. For its Asset Management clients an ambitious project is also underway to create an end-to-end modular platform, with the adoption of continuous-delivery and new business models, as well as a greatly enhanced user interface.

Linedata has also expanded its service offering through the integration of Gravitas and QRMO in 2017, widening the company’s presence in Asia and the US as well as satisfying market demand for combined software and broad service offerings.

Aimed at shaping its strategy, Linedata has also appointed a board of directors, – composed by members with long-standing knowledge of Linedata as well as new personalities- , and two deputy managing directors, whose appointments expand the firm’s executive management team.

Anvaraly Jiva, founder and CEO of Linedata, said: “Linedata is turning 20. It is a major milestone in the life of our company. Our new visual identity reflects who we have become and raises our ambition. The financial industry is evolving rapidly and our customers’ expectations have become much higher. It is a constant challenge to meet these expectations, a challenge that inspires us and drives the pulse our progress.”

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