Banca Generali AM keeps inflows coming


Italy’s Banca Generali registered total net inflows of €363m in November, €233m of which came from Banca Generali network and €130m from Banca Generali Private Banking.

Confirming the trend of the past five months, asset management products were the main drivers and contributed with €472m total net inflows in November, +89% compared with October and +43% compared with the monthly average YTD, the bank said.

In the past 11 months, net inflows reached total of €3.7bn, 64% above total year inflows in 2013.

Among Banca Generali’s asset management products, BG Stile Libero stood out as one of the most requested, posting net sales of €387m in November.

Banca Generali CEO, Piermario Motta, commented: “This was yet another successful month, with our investors increasingly viewing Banca Generali as a privileged financial planning partner. The decline of interest rates to record lows and financial difficulties are heightening the investors’ needs for the qualified advisory services and versatile and effective solutions that our Bank can offer.

“Our commitment towards innovation and top quality services and products are the distinctive elements that are also attracting the best professionals, who continue to show high interest in the growth opportunities offered within our Group. These are the reasons why I look with great optimism not only to the end of 2014, but also to the promising challenges of the coming year.”

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