Multi-asset co-head exits SYZ AM

Ridhima Sharma
Multi-asset co-head exits SYZ AM

Hartwig Kos has decided to leave SYZ Asset Management by end of the year. Fabrizio Quirighetti will take over Kos role and will be responsible for multi-asset team and oversight of all multi-asset strategies, including the shared management responsibilities of the Oyster Multi-Asset Diversified and Oyster Diversified GBP funds.

SYZ Asset Management has offered multi-asset investment solutions to institutional investors for over 18 years. Including in this range are Oyster Multi-Asset Diversified, launched in 1999 and Oyster Diversified GBP, launched in 2017. Both funds known for their active allocation style based on an in-depth analysis of the macro-economic framework.

Quirighetti joined SYZ’s Multi-Asset team in 2002 and was the portfolio manager of the Oyster Multi-Asset Diversified fund from 2002 to 2016. In spearheading the internally-managed Multi-Asset strategy range, including the co-management of the Oyster Multi-Asset Diversified and Oyster Diversified GBP funds, he brings continuity to the process and philosophy of the product offering.

Between January 2016 and September 2018, the management of Oyster Multi-Asset Diversified had been entrusted to London-based portfolio managers Hartwig Kos and Maurice Harari, both of whom also managed Oyster Diversified GBP since its inception. From 1 October 2018, Quirighetti and Harari will assume co-portfolio management responsibilities for the funds.

Following Kos’s departure, the multi-asset team will comprise eight experienced professionals, all of whom bring unique and complementary expertise. Relying on the diverse skillset across the multi-asset team, all portfolios benefit from an in-depth analysis of the macro environment, relative asset valuations and risk assessment. The result of this process is a set of investment preferences, which guide the investment decisions implemented individually by the portfolio managers.

Quirighetti is CIO of the multi-asset strategies at SYZ Asset Management and chairman of the Investment Strategy Committee responsible for SYZ Group’s asset allocation strategy. He also manages multi-asset and fixed income portfolios with proven track-record, including absolute return strategies since 2003.